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[KISON Kids Playhouse] What are the 2021 Interior Trends?

[KISON Kids Playhouse] What are the 2021 Interior Trends?

The new year of 2021 is bright. 
In the midst of chaos in 2020,
we are able to respond and adapt 
to the new changes in our lifestyles.

When COVID-19 came, we are now used to
enjoying the things we do outside of our
homes such as home cafes, home camping, etc.

We are now more aware of the importance of the
changes and are more interested in some interior trends. 
We will introduce three trending home interior themes 
with ideas during the post-covid-19 period of 2021.


| Theme 1. Home Camp |

#Surreal Interior

Surreal optimism is expected to be present in the house
to overcome the effects of corona without being overwhelmed
by the depression caused by staying at home for a long time.
It has already emerged as a surreal form, breaking away
from the traditional house decorating methods by camping
in a terrace or living room, styling like a Southeast
Asian resort with parasols and hammocks while enjoying
it as a recreation at home.

product Norden Kids' Tent

We had this as our camping prop, and Jojo asked "Mommy! Camping?"🥰 
We enjoy a cozy #homecamping in Jojo's tent on a rainy weekend.
Adults must not go inside the tent.
It's so cozy you'd only want to sleep
(I only sleep when we play every weekend 🤣)

product Norden Kids' Tent


#Gorgeous colors, lively and cool design

The key points are the gorgeous and bright pastel
colors that improve your mood so that you don't get
bored even when you're at home all day, and the lively
and cool design that stimulates your imagination.

product Shasha Canopy Bumper Bed

200th Day celebration photo!
Give love to our smiling daughter in the Shasha photo zone~

product Tower House (Black)

Yooni is loving the playhouse. She can play while standing since it's high. Weoni loves having their own house. The black and yellow design is on point. It's so cozy you'll just want to play inside!

product Playhouse (Black Line)


| Theme 2. Penthouse |

#Luxurious hotel-like interior

As interest in hygiene increases, preference
for clean, tidy and luxurious interior design is
also increasing. It will be emphasized as high-
quality home where you can relax completely in
a clean and spotless space as if you are enjoying
a vacation at a hotel every day.

product Playhouse (Lovely Beige)


| Theme 3. Granny's Cottage |

#The simplicity of rural life and peaceful mood

The last theme is the 'Granny's Cottage' where
you enjoy a pleasant leisurely life. It started from
a yearning for nature's calm and peace.
The 'cottage core' style expresses fairy tales and
fantasies about mushrooms, butterflies, and wild 
flowers in a grandmother's house in Europe,
creating a simply and idyllic mood of rural life.

product All-in-one Bumper Mat Grace Canopy

Don't you think my babies look like they're sleeping in the forest?
If you fold the mat, you can put it inside the frame of the playhouse to use as a bed. It is a very good product that you can use for a long time.

#Nature-friendly and leisurely rural life

'Granny's cottage' offers nature-friendly elements
such as flower patterns that bloom on country
roads, rattan, and earth colors, that exude
a feeling of enjoying a leisurely rural life.

product All-in-one Bumper Bed

product Playhouse (Lovely Beige)

A beautiful playhouse in your room 🏠
Since you play here all day, mommy also got time to rest 😊

product Kids Wardrobe (White)


There is no bad weather, only bad space.


The virus is still threatening our everyday life,
but there's always a way to maintain a hygienic and stable space
while also enjoying plenty of rest at home.

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