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[KISON Kids Playhouse ] We Invite You to the World of Magic!

[KISON Kids Playhouse ] We Invite You to the World of Magic!



Are you preparing to create special memories for your kids
on the coming Halloween day?
With a playhouse, kids' bed, lights, props, and a mix of your imagination,
you can travel to a Halloween land where witches and ghosts live.


Shall we go and see the World of Magic?


Trick or Treat!

Decorate the black & white modern Blackline Playhouse
with spider web decorations and pumpkin balloons.
Cute witch costumes can also add to the fun.
Wouldn't this make an unforgettable memory for 
you and your little witch at the Halloween Home Party?
Trick or Treat!
Fill you pumpkin basket with sweets 🎃

product Playhouse Blackline
Halloween with the little witch will never end 💛@hello_soye



product Playhouse Blackline


My homebody kids 🧡
They do not pretend to sleep, they really do sleep inside the playhouse. LOL


Let's Go Halloween Camping!

The most awaited camping season has come this autumn.
How about enjoying the autumn Halloween season 
with the Tower House and a 'Halloween camping'?
By adding pumpkin lanterns, black bat decoration, witch's hats,
and some cloaks, you can enjoy an amazing Halloween camping.

product Tower House White

product Tower House White

👻Woooh~ 🎃If you don't give me treats, I'll play a trick on you 👻
A song you sing during Halloween camping 😆
Get plenty of candies~~


We Invite You to the World of Magic!

I don't think there is anything more suited
for Halloween Day than the Tower House.
The house itself already feels like Halloween.
The house deep in the forest is completed with a
combination of pumpkin lanterns and bat decorations.

product Tower House Black

This is the magic cabin deep in the forest.
Monsters and ghosts come together, and have
a noisy party only on Halloween day.
Come and play at the spooky ghost's house.
The Kison's Tower House does it all, right?
blog artyparty


product Tower House Black

product Tower House White

A few days ago, I bought party supplies to decorate the house for Halloween, but I guess the two siblings chose the Tower House.
We were all so busy decoritng.
On Halloween day, I'm going to invite my friends to have a Halloween part and at a housewarming party at the same time, so I decorated the house with a Halloween atmosphere.
I'm really bad at decorating things but with Kison's Tower House, doesn't it look perfect for Halloween?
Thanks to the impact of the Tower House, preparing for a frightening party was so easy!
I'm looking forward to this party!
blog biny282



 product Tower House White


The more she gets older, the more she needs a space for her own.Drawing pictures and just doing anything she wants inside theplayhouse makes her fully satisfied. 😊Mommy also loves the pretty playhouse.

Witch's Castle

Instead of the canopy from the Frill Canopy Bed, I used the grey semicircular canopy. Adding the witch's pointy hat,
it now became like a witch's castle.
The Halloween house is completed with some
star-shaped garlands and a rabbit lamp.
@little lambstory

product House Kid's bed Frill Canopy Grey

Halloween Home Party with Them

The Kid's Bed White Canopy gives a white ghost-like
feels for the Halloween day~👻
Have a fantastic Halloween party with some party hats,
crowns, lights and props.

product House Kid's Bed Grace Canopy White

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