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[KISON Kids Playhouse ] The fantastical camping experience you’ve imagined

[KISON Kids Playhouse ] The fantastical camping experience you’ve imagined

Camping season has come.
Drinking coffee, running around the woods with your kids, and having conversations in front of the campfire at night...

What a fantastical camping experience youve imagined!


Why don’t you quit postponing before its too late? 
Kids grow faster than we think.
With the help of a playhouse and some lights, 

Anywhere can be a lovely camping site. 




#1 Room Camping

These days when it’s dangerous to go outside, start camping in your room.
Norden Kid’s Tent with a cozy blanket,
marshmallow toys, and shiny lights,
start your dreamy camping easily at home.


Making marshmallow with clays and pretend playing campfire!
The playhouse becomes the hideout full of laughter and excitement,
He’s pretending to sleep with a blanket inside the tent. He’s loving it!
I should have installed it earlier for him.⠀






#2 Backyard Camping


If staying inside the house make you feel too confined, enjoy backyard camping.
If you don’t have a backyard, then a veranda, a terrace, or even the nearest park is good, too.
When the sun sets and the lights turn on, you can enjoy a more romantic camping experience with your loved ones.


#3 Exciting Photo Session

If going on an actual camping is burdensome,
You can also try decorating an exciting photo session zone
in just 1 minute with KISON’s Kids Wardrobe.


there is a beauty in simplicity 🌿
Our favourite closet from 🌿


#4 Small Cabin in the Woods Camping

If you’ve gotten used to home and backyard camping,
go on a real camping trip to a quiet campsite or a forest.
If you build your kids a little house like a cabin in the woods beside the family’s tent, it can give them a fairytale-like experience.

Chatting together while making art,
She has been playing for half a day.
Since she recently got tired of running around the house to play and I had to
think of different activities with her every week.
She got more relax to play inside the playhouse while it doesn’t mess up anything at home.
I also don’t nag at her, and maybe that’s why she feels more relaxed this time.

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