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[KISON Kids Playhouse ] Online House Tour

[KISON Kids Playhouse ] Online House Tour

A mother of two white Spitz shares the changes in her sweet home with a variety of Kison's products before and after the birth of her child.
Photos and reviews by @sweet.yoo

| Before the Baby is Born

01. Kids Wardrobe
Another item to decorate you room, the Pet Wardrobe. 😂
It will be handy when I have my baby later on.
Look at him feeling so happy.. 🥰
#KidsWardrobe #DogWardrobe #PetWardrobe #DogHouse #PetHouse

product Kids Wardrobe L+M Set (Color: Pink)
Not only do Peach and Mango have a Wardrobe, but I also have one!
Couple items with Peach and Mango

product Kids Wardrobe L+M Set (Color: Pink)
02. Pet House
Peach and Mango's new house 🏠 The fluttering pink frill is so lovely!
These two boys also like pretty things.
Mango is the main guest 😆💗 LOL Have a good night~ 🌙
#LasPerraDog #PetHouse #DogHouse
product Las Perra Pet House (Frill Pink)
Peach is in the house,
and the jealous Mango wants to sit along too 😆😂
product Las Perra Pet House (Frill Pink)
Mango is gloomy because
the house is stolen by my nephew 😂

product Las Perra Pet House (Frill Pink)
Aunts and Uncles
Mango, the sleeping prince in the forest, will go to bed first.
Good night 🌙

| After the Baby is Born

03. Terrazzo Mat
The day has come to lay the Playmat in my house. 🙈
I chose the cobblestone sprinkled-like design that wouldn't ruin the interior.
One side of the Kison's Terrazzo mat is a calm beige,
and the other is a modern grey.
It can be used on both side, you can flip it up to change the design interior.
#Double-sidedCoating #MoldProtection #Waterproof #FreeCoverExchange

product Premium Custom Mat (Front: Terraza Beige/Back: Terrazzo Grey)
We spread the mat in the nursery, and our 7-year old nephew was more excited.
Riding on a rocking horse toy and jumping around with Mango 😆💨
Because it only folds once, cleaning the gaps is easy
with a vacuum cleaner and a mop. So gooood!! 👍🏼
product Premium Custom Mat (Front: Terrazzo Beige/Back: Terrazzo Grey)
It seems that my nephew really likes the playmat 😂😂
even the number of times she comes to play has doubled 🙈
I'm so happy to see her get along well with Peach and Mango.

product Premium Custom Mat (Front: Terrazzo Beige/Back: Terrazzo Grey)
04. All-in-one Bumper Mat
I got my baby a house 😆
Before my baby was born, Kison's all-in-one Bumper Mat,
which includes the 2 mats, was released.
'Playmat + Bumper Bed + Kids Bed + Kids Playhouse'
It's a multi-house in one product.
With this house, you can use it in many ways depending on your child's development. It's both practical and pretty. Plus, it doesn't ruin the interior.

product All-in-one Bumper Mat
The Bumper Bed goes inside the Playhouse.
The 2 playmats fit perfectly inside too. If you get sleepy while playing,
you can just sleep on the mat. It really is an excellent kids' item.
Our Mango also wants it for himself.
product All-in-one Bumper Mat
Even before and after our baby was born,
it has been Peach and Mango's sweet home.

With Kison, 
Even with a baby, it can be pretty amazing.
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