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[KISON Kids' Playhouse] Kids Need Their Own Hideout Space

[KISON Kids' Playhouse] Kids Need Their Own Hideout Space

Just how adults need a private space,
kids do need a #hideout as well.

Why do children need a private space?
Check out the reasons why.


#Emotional and Creativity Development

Kids feel safe in a secret-like place that can flourish their imagination

product Playhouse (Lovely Beige)

To help kids' emotional development and creativity improve, it is necessary to have a hideout-like space in you house.

product Playhouse (Lovely Beige)

There is a pretty house in Eunhyeo's room.
He likes it so much he brings his favorite ball inside
and now he doesn't plan on going out.
I always have to be invited to get in...
It also feels cozy even with two people inside.
I really think it's great buy.


#Ego-identity & Self-esteem Improvement

In their own place, they can use their imagination and find their ego-identity. They can also grow as a person with high self-esteem.

product Tower House (White)

The more she gets older, the more she needs a space for her own.
Drawing pictures and just doing anything she wants inside
the playhouse makes her fully satisfied.
Mommy also likes the pretty playhouse so much.


#Honest Conversations with Kids

At night, in a cozy space, you and your kids can share deep and honest conversations.

product Playhouse (Lovely Beige)

I think she loves the laces on the door, she just peeks behind it all day.
She's also spending more time alone, napping,
playing with toys, and reading books inside the playhouse.
The assembly is so easy that I can do it alone.
The design and the color beige are just my taste!
This is a must-have item during this time where we are
spending more time at home because of covid-19.


#Social, Language and Expressiveness Development

On weekend afternoons, doing acting/imaginative games will help in nurturing social skills, language skills and expressiveness.

product Playhouse (Blossom Beige)

She finally owned a small house.
She loves trying to hide inside her small space.
I love the flowy laces on the windows.
Mommy might want to stay here longer than you do...


#Lovely Tricks

You will be greeted with lovely tricks and smirking faces.

product Playhouse (Lovely Beige)


product Playhouse (Lovely Beige)

I tell her to go out but she won't.
She said this is her house, and no one can enter.
So I serve her milk and snack through the windows of the playhouse.


#Loved by America and Europe

A Playhouse loved as a hideout by American and European kids

product Playhouse (Black Line)

Hello Saturday!! Hello Sun...
Hello Farmers Markets...
okay, not yet... but a girl can dream...
and in the meantime...
We'll just use our imagination!!!
I love the Saturday morning full of creative imagination...
and we love this play tent from!!!!
we have so many fun ideas,
from a vet center to a farmers market,
to a chill spot to hang out,
my kids are obsessed with this little tent!!!


#A necessary furniture for Kids

This is considered an important piece of furniture for us and our kids.

product Tower House (White)

if you need me, I'll be climbing in
and out of this
playhouse with my toddler.


#A space that magnifies kids' imagination

A space that magnifies kid's imagination, KISON Playhouse

product Norden Kids' Tent

We had this as our camping prop, and Jojo asked, "Mommy! Camping?"
We enjoy a cozy "homecamping" in Jojo's tent on a rainy weekend.
Adults must not go inside the tent.
It's so cozy you'd only want to sleep.
(I only sleep when we play every weekend)

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