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[KISON Kids Playhouse ] Home Vacation Interior I (Living Room)

[KISON Kids Playhouse ] Home Vacation Interior I (Living Room)

Vacation season is back but traveling abroad seems impossible?
How about decorating you house like a vacation spot?
Introducing some interior tops for a fun home vacation in your living room.


Home Vacation Interior | Living Room


Beach Sand in my Living Room

Lay a Terrazzo mat that has a sand-like pattern on the floor
then add a parasol, a tent or a playhouse next to it.
Place a fluffy pillow and imagine the sound of waves and flying seagulls.
Now, you just have created an exotic resort within your living room.

product Premium Mat (Front: Terrazzo Beige/ Back: Terrazzo Grey)

I bought a parasol last year that I've never used once, somehow, I ended up using it inside the house. This time, I flipped the Terrazzo mat to the grey side giving off a calming feeling. I like it!


product Terrazzo Mat, Kids' Wardrobe (Color: Pink)

"This is a parasol I made after 9 hours of sewing"
My hard work paid off after seeing my princess enjoying the home vacation! I also added the wardrobe for her to hang her clothes.



Build a Camp in your Living Room in no time

The props are the highlight of the Home Vacation interior. If you want to style the room astonishingly, prepare rattan decorations, plants with big leaves, and some lights. Lastly, a Playhouse is a must during camping. 
These days, kids can't go out to play feeling stuffy being inside the house all the time. With a playhouse, they can enjoy games like hide-and-seek and pretend camp or family for the whole day.


product Rocky Playhouse, Candy Lights

The look on my girls having fun with their Home Vacation satisfies me. They were so excited about the playhouse that they kept saying "So pretty, so pretty!"

product Bumper Bed Frill Canopy Grey,
ShaSha Dot House, Candy Lights
product Tower House (White)


Open a Water Park at Home

Too bad that we can go to resorts this summer. So open yourself a 'Home Waterpark'. When kids get tired after playing with water, they can go rest inside the playhouse, and get up to play again.

product Playhouse Lovely Beige


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