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[KISON Kids Playhouse] Home Vacation Interior II (Kid's Room)

[KISON Kids Playhouse] Home Vacation Interior II (Kid's Room)

Play that summer~ Let me hear that summer~ 🎶
We introduce to you an interior that brings back the summer moments you had of the sea breeze under the sizzling sun.


Home Vacation Interior | Kid's Room


A Famous Ocean View Spot

Do you remember the resorts in the Southeast Asian countries
with canopy beds and an ocean view by the window?
You can now achieve that room vacation with the Playhouse
and an ocean view poster!
Ah! Don't leave behind your swimsuits and swim tubes.

product Kids Playhouse

Arwin is having his vacation in his ocean view room~💙
I put up a poster and took out the cover of the playhouse!
The #playhouse is just pretty one way or another


Let's Go Back to the Sea

Back to the sea~ You and I, just the two of us~
Let's sit by the waves~ We sing and dream the same dream~
If the weather is too hot, take off the cover of the Kid's Playhouse and use any canopy curtains, so the fresh breeze can easily enter the playhouse.
Wear your sunglasses and sit on a beach chair
With a glass of yogurt, this will bring you back to that time at the beach~

product Kids' Playhouse Frame + Shasha Canopy Cover

In this humid and hot weather, I made my kid's room refreshing
since I don't think we'll be able to go anywhere this summer vacation. Wear your swimsuit and have a glass of yogurt,
my 24-month old daughter is enjoying her home vacation.


Play that Summer

Lie down on the sandy beach under a parasol with a delicious treat...
Play that summer~ Let me hear that summer~ 🎶
Remember the feeling that summer when the beach sand
touches your skin using the Terrazzo Mat, and the night
you cook dinner for camping using the Kitchen Toy Storage.

product Terrazzo Mat (Beige), Kitchen Toy Storage

It's so cute my heart feels like it's about to explode.
Cuteness overload!!!
We hope we get to see the day we are able to go camping again 🙏


Dreamy Camping in the Deep Forest on a Summer Night

Summer is not all about the ocean, don't miss out
on the valleys and forests too. For forest campers who hate
the sizzling sun at the beach, here are home camping interior tips!
Use the Norden Kids Tent or Shasha Playhouse and
place some green plants, ratan tables, and some lights
to add a refreshing touch on the hot summer nights. 
Doesn't it seem like we can hear the sound of water flowing in a river and fireflies flying around?

product Norden Kids' Tent

product Kids' Playhouse

I took out the cover of the playhouse so fresh air can enter inside when my kid is playing. It gives off a camping vibe. I can't wait to see the look on my kid's face when she sees this. I am looking forward to doing exciting stuff with her.


Even our Furry Friends need Vacation

Not just us but also our pets get sad when they can't go out for vacation. Give them a space where they can feel like they are spending some time out. Place a cushion on the Pet Wardrobe, put on sunglasses and prepare their treats!

product Pet House Frame (Right) + Pet Wardrobe Pink (Left)


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