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[KISON Kids Playhouse ] Christmas Kidsroom Ideas

[KISON Kids Playhouse ] Christmas Kidsroom Ideas

Take out the Christmas tree and ornaments,
and decorate the corner of the house.
The Christmas season you’re waiting for is here.
What should you give your child this Christmas?
Look at some ideas on how to decorate your photo zone.
We introduce to you the Christmas house 
that can excite kids’ imaginations and curiosity.


#1 Polka-dot house 


A house flowing with carols

I completed the Christmas mood with balloons in the colors red and green. I transformed the Polka-dot house into a Christmas house by adding a bright light and a piano prop that gives off Christmas vibes.



Cabin in the woods

I created a mysterious space as if it was left behind in the forest
in northern Europe with tree branches, pine cones, 
and adorable stuffed animals. Experience a warm atmosphere
in the cold winter with animals and kids talking together in the cabin.
Decorated in natural colors like the color of the land, soil, trees,
with some cushion and blankets in the colors forest green, 
deep green and deep burgundy.


Natural & Vintage House

It is a warm space that creates the feeling of
having a fireplace lit in front of you.
Instead of a big tree, use a garland with tree painting
that creates the illusion of having a real one.
Complete the “vintage polka-dot house 
with toned-down red and deep green
fabrics, rattan props and furniture.


Classic Christmas House

You can build a lovely space by adding colors that represent
Christmas such as gold and silver, red and green.
Add a Christmas tree with different ornaments,
and decorate the polka-dot house with a garland and a big ball light.
A little ‘Rudolf’ is the killing point!



#2 Shasha Head House


Princess Elsa’s Castle

All girls are Princess Elsa!
How do you build Elsa’s castle in your kids’ rooms?
By decorating a snow-like color canopy,
you can transform the room into Elsa’s castle.
An aqua blue light ball and Elsa’s dress
will complete a Frozen-like atmosphere.

@seoulha_suho @moitie_haeun


#3 Tower House


Fireplace and Tower House Set

Bring out the Christmas mood by adding a garland that 
naturally harmonizes with the tower house and fireplace set.

“This Christmas, instead of putting gifts in socks 
put it inside the tower house. A big one on that!"



#4 Kids Wardrobe House


A Tree made from Kids Wardrobe

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t have a Christmas tree.
Use the Kids Wardrobe and build a
cool Christmas tree
with lights and tinsels.
Hanging a red sweater, doesn’t it give off a Christmas feel?


product Kids Wardrobe House


#5 Shasha House & Bed Bumpers


Christmas Photo Zone

The Shasha House with white canopy and Bed bumper can 
be used in any season.
It changes to a Christmas house just by adding garlands and lights!
Keep a lovely record of little Santa’s growth.



product Kids Wardrobe & House Bumper Bed Grace Canopy

Merry Petite Christmas
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