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[KISON Kids Playhouse] Home Vacation Interior III (Garden & Veranda)

[KISON Kids Playhouse] Home Vacation Interior III (Garden & Veranda)

A way to enjoy a vacation during the covid-19 period.
If you want to go out but can't, we have a 'healing zone' for you!
A garden or veranda transformed just like a summer
resort that will take your regrets away.


Home Vacation | Garden

A 'healing' scenery just by looking

Sometimes you don't have to go far to take a rest.
And you won't be fully rest if you are at home watching TV and
looking at your phone. Go outside if you have a garden.
Bring out the playhouse and a comfortable chair
in the garden during a sunny day.
Just by looking at it, it becomes a 'healing' scenery.

product Tower House


Play House in the garden

Doesn't putting a playhouse and bench
in your green garden emits a feeling of being in a vacation spot?
Take a look at the garden of a girl named Derin in Turkey
and Kongsoon's garden in Korean.

product Playhouse Candy Pop Pink

Summer is in, weather is hot,
so we will set up our tent in the garden 🌸
Time to enjoy summer in the gardens.
Take your tents/playhouse out and let the kids savour the season ✌️
Behind the bushes and below the trees there is an imaginary world.
We set up the Kison Playhouse in the garden.


product Rocky House

Kongsoon, mommy worked hard to buy you a house~
This is the kind of mom you have 😆


Home Vacation | Veranda

When rain is falling, go to the vacation spot in you veranda

If you have no garden, then make use of your veranda.
When it's raining, playing outside the garden would be difficult.
However, in you veranda, there is nothing to worry about the weather.

product ShaSha House

Home baking session of my girls 🤍✨
My Eunyoo requested to move the playhouse
to the veranda, and it was the best idea ever.
It's so pretty looking at my princesses feeding each other 💗


Welcome to Veranda Water Park!

If you are worried of having your house wet from
your kids' swim wears after swimming in your
veranda water park, add the Kids' Wardrobe to your set up.
You can hang all their dry clothes and swimsuits
together all in one place without having to worry
about leaving droplets all over the house.

product Kids' Wardrobe (Pink)

For the past week, Rini kept begging to go out swimming
that is why I started preparing a Veranda Water Park! 🤭
It's so inconvenient having to go back and forth
from the bedroom to the veranda to change clothes,
and so I solved it with KISON Kids' Wardrobe!
It has a lot of space and moving it was easy because it's lightweight.
It was an excellent choice! 👍 And it actually looks pretty too ❤️

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