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Cottagecore Style Kid's Room Interior

Cottagecore Style Kid's Room Interior

Many young people are dreaming of rural life to escape the ongoing problem due to COVID-19 is increasing, and 'Cottagecore' is rapidly emerging as a trend.

What is Cottagecore?

SNS trends such as vintage floral clothes, styles, plants, dried flowers, moss, mushrooms, baking, gardening, reading, surfing, farm animals, etc. that combines analog vintage, nature and DIY contents give healing to younger generations. It is said that it created a rustic and idyllic rural mood at home that exudes an appreciation for vintage and nature. The interior of the children's room is presented in a Cottagecore style.

Daisy Garden where Butterflies Fly

The minimalist floral pattern trend is coming back and it's popularity is expected to continue until 21 FW Season. The Shasha Canopy Bumper Bed, with a motif in perfect harmony with the cottagecore trend and vintage hand-embroidered daisy flowers, gives peace and comfort to the mind and heart as if looking at butterflies flying around a garden full of daisies.

product Shasha Canopy House Bumper Bed

A Walk on a Country Road Full of Wildflowers

Blossom Beige, in which the roof is its key point, has a minimalist flower patterns that give a comfortable felling as if you are looking at wildflowers while strolling on a country road.

product Playhouse Blossom Beige
This is the first place my kid goes to as he opens his eyes every morning. The real thing is actually much cozier and lovelier than in the picture. The assembly only took less than 5 minutes and is sturdy too. But also very very light! 👏
I'm very proud of my purchase in KIDON!

Dreamy European Countryside Cottage

This is a dreamy kid's room that has a fell of a scented European
countryside villa decorated with botanical print wallpaper,
cute wooden horse, and various props.

product Playhouse Black Line
My child loves to play in here so much. It's easy to assemble and it's sturdy 😊 Very light so it's easy to move it around.
My children love the cozy space and it's just perfect.
It looks very sleek with the black line and white background, and has a nice interior effect in the house. ❤️

Rustic and Idyllic Countryside Mood

Take a look at the vintage and natural beauty of the tower house with a white cover and minimalistic style. Have a tour in the kid's room decorated so you can feel the atmosphere of an idyllic countryside stay.

product Tower House White
I set a beautiful space for my kids with the Playhouse 👐
The two of them were hiding, drawing pictures, reading books, and playing pretend store/market...
It's a magical space that turns into a daycare center, a bookstore, a café, and many others that changes with imagination✨
Mommy feels happy watching the two of them hiding in the playhouse.
This is a #SUCCESSFUL playhouse.
Looking forward to giving us smiles in the future as well.

Children's Bedroom Filled with Vintage Feels

An old piano, ethnic beaded rug, and vintage couture, cute accessories, and the 'Dot head House Kids' Bed' made the perfect vintage mood bedroom. Even if you love in a n apartment in the city, you will be able to heal every day as if you were living in a country side.

product Dot Head House Kids' Bed
He sleeps after playing for a long time in a hideout filled with things to do 🌙 Good night my baby 💛 Now it's my time! It's my happiest time to work while watching your favorite movie and drinking tea!
Good night everyone! 💛
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